SK Lubricant Brush Kit V2


Ever wondered what sort of brushes you’ll need when you are ready to start customising your switches?

The SK Lubricant Brush Kit is your answer. Each kit comes with 4 specialty-sized brushes that make lubing your switches a breeze. Because everyone is different, we’ve selected varying brushes depending on your preference and style.

What’s more, the pack also includes a specialised metallic stem holder to hold the stems while you lube them – ensuring no sticky fingers! (It can also double as a handy mechanical pencil when not in use – Please remove lead before using as a stem holder)

On the flip side, it has three handy holders to carry your 205, 3203 and even one designed for vials of 105. These hold tight and are very portable.

Each kit includes:

  • Flat 0: The perfect all-in-one. Flat bristles tapered ends. This brush was cloned from an actual lube God and is regarded as the gold standard utility brush.
  • Filbert 4: If you are looking for a bit more consistency and ease of use than a flat tip, this is for you.
  • Round 1: This is the precision tip. Great for working around tactile legs or pole housings.
  • Script Liner 1: An XL version of the Round to give a bit more depth inside the switch housing.
  • SK Stem holder: 4 prongs emerge to secure your stems while you lube them. Button operated.

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