(Pre-Order) MX Switch Break in Machine by KTechs X keekeen


Shipping Estimation: Q4 2023

KTecks x keebeen Break-In Machine Features:

  • Iniection moulded and casted ABS parts with good durability and finishing
  • Custom Silicone Inserts for "organic" off-centred key presses
  • Supports both centred and off-centred key presses up to 100 switches at once
  • Long-pole switches friendly. Supports switches with travel distance from 3.25 -
  • Fast operation: 700 - 800 actuations / min. 1 million actuations in 20 - 30 hrs


  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 14.9 x 20.5cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Max number of switches per run: 100 switches
  • Compatibility: MX style switches with travel distance of 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4mm
  • Actuation mode: Support Centred /
    Off-Centred actuation
  • Operating speed: 700 - 800 actuations / min
  • Housings, Pushers, Switch Plates, Cam: Iniection Moulded ABS
  • Silicone Insert: Injection Moulded 40A
    Duro Silicone
  • Housings, Pushers, Switch Plates: Smooth Matte Black Finish colors
  • Silicone insert: Blue color


  • 1pc Motor Assembly with PCB and cam wheel
  • loc Top & Bottom Housing in matte black
  • 4pcs Pusher in matte black
  • 4pcs Silicone Inserts in blue
  • 4pcs Switch Plate in matte black
  • 24pcs Thin (0.25mm) Spacers in transparent
  • 8pcs Bumpons
  • 24V 2A DC Power Supply (2.1 × 5.5 mm
    barrel jack)
  • Online instruction manual
  • Fasteners: 1pc M5 × 16mm, 4pcs M4 x 30mm, 4pcs M4 x 16mm

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