Affiliate Program

Delta Key Co. is very happy to be able to offer an Affiliate Program for Content Creators! You can be part of this program if you have a channel related to mechanical keyboards or other. If you would like to participate, you can fill out the form below or contact us: to introduce yourself and tell us about what you are doing.

Affiliation Request Form

Affiliate Benefits:

  • 3% reduction on all the site for your audience
  • 3% commission for all orders made from your Affiliate Link or Discount Code
  • Custom affiliate link
  • A personal Discount Code for 5% discount on all the site
  • Products offered for reviews or other
  • And gifts and much more...

We will process your request within 24/48h. Submitting for our affiliate program does not guarantee you will be approved. 

Thank you for your trust and your interest for Delta Key Co. !